Special. Different. Unique. Bespoke.

Bespoke: adjective BRITISH

1. Specifically made for a particular person.


At Lady Maggie we want to help you achieve your vision and stand apart from the crowd.  With the latest laser technology in-house the personalization possibilities are endless.

Who is Lady Maggie ?

Lady Maggie is a family owned business specializing in personalization and customized items for both everyday and special occasions.  Run by Richard and Rebecca Clafton (and named for the family's adopted rescue pug) the NC-based company offers CO2 and Fiber laser engraving, marking and cutting.

Richard, originally from Leeds, England brings his background of graphic design and IT infrastructure to the business.  Rebecca was taught sewing and crafting as a girl by her grandmother and brings her love of creating handmade gifts to the team.  Both enjoy helping people discover a way to capture a personality, memory or special occasion in a unique way.



Laser Marking

Laser marking is the process of marking or labeling materials with a laser beam.  It includes color change due to molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation and more.  It does not involve ink or any tools coming in contact with the object.  This provides a higher level of detailing without damaging the surface.  It also ensures consistent high-quality results.  Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available in the market.

Laser Marking on License Tags
This marking provides a high level of detail that allows for traceability and is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.  Laser marking is the preferred means of marking firearms, tools, electronic components, and many other materials with identification information such as serial numbers, date codes, barcodes, manufacturing codes, graphics, logos and more.

Laser Marking of Fingerprint on Dog Tag
We offer laser marking on anything from jewelry to YETI coolers to knives and firearms.  As an approved FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder, we are able to offer both cosmetic marking as well as ATF compliant deep marking/engraving.


Laser Engraving

Personalization can be anything from a name to a special date or even an image like a photo or drawing. Engraving allows you to permanently capture that image.  We offer many in-stock items for personalization but can also engrave your own item.Laser Engraving on BambooWe offer two types of laser engraving to capture your image on virtually any material.  Our first laser engraving machine utilizes CO2 laser technology.  With it, we can engrave wood, leather, acrylics, Bakelite, Anodized aluminum, natural stone, slate and glass.  Our second machine is a fiber laser.  This machine allows us to engrave any metal as well as plastic.  This machine’s flexibility allows us to offer annealing, etching and engraving of metal.
Fiber Laser Engraving on Aluminum Lower
So whether you want wedding or anniversary champagne flutes personalized, a cutting board with grandma’s recipe etched on it or a wedding band with a special message engraved, we can make your vision a reality.


Laser Cutting

With our powerful CO2 laser, we can offer laser cutting of materials for hobbyists and crafters.  We use our CO2 to cut wood and MDF for our wall plaques, monograms, key-rings and a host of other items.  We have offered this service to others who want the precision far superior to that of a scroll saw but can’t afford their own laser cutter.
Laser Cutting 1/4" Birch Plywood
But this laser can cut far more than wood.  We ourselves use it to cut fabric, such as fleece and felt, for our appliquéd pillow designs.  We also cut our own card stock for jewelry cards and hang tags.

We provide this service to other crafters who need cut items for their projects.  We offer unfinished cut monograms and wooden shaped cutouts for crafters who create wreaths and door hangings.  And we offer cutting services for felt, fleece, balsa wood, card stock and many other materials for which a Cricut or ScanNCut cannot match for speed and precision.

If you are a crafter who is interested in having materials laser cut to your specifications, contact us to see if we can help!



At Lady Maggie, we enjoy being part of the creative process and helping our customers to realize their vision.  We have created custom key chains for schools, created custom cut-outs for paint-your-own art classes, and helped numerous small businesses with everything from engraved glasses, YETI coolers and custom key chains.
Laser Engraved and Cut Birch Plywood
We have also created our own items which we sell direct to the public through our Etsy store. We specialize in unique items, not to be found anywhere else.  Our most popular item has been a poo emoji key chain. 

We’ve also found a niche creating items that delight the inner geek in our customers.  We like to offer items that have touch of whimsy or a nod to popular culture – particularly Sci-Fi and techie gifts.
Laser Engraved and Cut 1/4" Birch Ply
We also help honor our customer’s sense of patriotism and local pride.  Our wall hangings have ranged from flags to state cut-outs to military plaques.  We also offer the state and flag designs in key rings.

And knowing how important family is, we are honored to help celebrate and memorialize special family events.  We can help capture the spirit and memories of a wedding with custom cake toppers, wedding favors, décor and toasting flutes. 

We help celebrate births with custom ornaments and plaques.  We provide bespoke anniversary mementos.  And we also provide personalized memorial items. We know how precious these memories are, and are proud to help capture them for generations to come.
Laser Cut Monogram on 1/4" MDF
We are delighted to help our customers find, or create, the perfect gift.  The only limitation is your imagination.



At Lady Maggie we want to help you achieve your vision and stand apart from the crowd.  With the latest laser technology in-house the personalization possibilities are endless.




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